Furniture Repair in Mpls. Golden Age Furniture Restoration. (Formerly Old Science Renovation)
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Repair & Regluing

Many pieces come to us with nice finishes but have broken or missing pieces or joints that have come loose. Typically we can turn these jobs around in a shorter time since they don’t need to go into the strip pan or spray booth. Any repair is possible. We haven’t been stumped yet!


“My child’s rocker had been in the family since 1914.  My Mother received the rocker at the age of 5. I remember growing up with it.  It went through my sister and me, three grandchildren and then some great grandchildren.  By that point it had been used and abused. Held together by wire, a gouge in the arm and spindles not in their holes.  Golden Age Restoration did a wonderful job of restoring it for me.  For me this was totally sentimental and I can’t thank them enough.”

 Thanks, Joyce